Sharpening Services for Stylists / Barbers / Salons

We know that shears are the most important tools of the professional hairstylist and barber. Your reputation depends on how well they perform. The reputation of Simply Sharper depends on your satisfaction with our sharpening services. We sharpen all brands of shears and scissors including Convex and Beveled edge shears. Using the Scimech Sharpening System, the finest single head flat hone sharpening system in the world, we are able to gentle return the item to "like new". Our Scimech Flat Hone Sharpening System gently removes nicks and wear without grinding or damaging your shear blades and restores the shear to its original factory condition.

Precision Sharpening Includes:

  • Salon Sharpening Service - We'll come to you! (Fox Cities and surrounding areas)
  • Get your shears sharpened the same day not weeks
  • Each shear is custom sharpened according to that shear's design
  • Serviced by a Certified and Factory Trained Technician
  • One on one consultation with you and one of our technicians to learn your style of cutting
  • Complete analysis of your shears
  • Re-sharpening of blade edges to better than factory sharpness
  • Cleaning, lubricating and inspection of all moving parts
  • Tension adjustment
  • Blade balancing

Bonika Shears warranty center

Using the official Scimech Scissor Flathone recommended by Bonika Shears

Why Hone the inside ride line of beauty shears?

  • Removes burrs
  • Strengthens cutting edge
  • Silky smooth feel
  • Makes shears quiet

To have your shears, knives, scissors, etc. sharpened, call us at 920-470-0825 or use our mail in order form found on our contact page.


All shears and thinners, when returned, are extremely sharp. Because each blade is individually custom hand honed, they are usually sharper then when bought new. If you are not comfortable or use to a razor edge on your shears, then you can cut a piece of end paper or a paper towel, using the full length of the blades 2-5 times or until desired comfort is reached.