Contact Information

Phone: 920-915-1367


Mail Order Sharpening Services:

We can professionally sharpen your clipper blades, knives, scissors and shears, no matter where you live in the US.

How To Order Sharpening Services:

  • Carefully pack shears, scissors, blades, knives etc. in padded envelope
  • Print and complete Order Form and enclosed with order
  • Enclose check or money order payable to Simply Sharper LLC or provide credit card information on order form. (See Pricing)
  • Return Shipping & Handling Charge $12.00 up to five shears

We normally sharpen the same day we receive them and ship them back to you the next day by 3 day UPS. So from the day they arrive here, you should have your shears in 5 working days. If you need a quicker turn-around call us for arrangements at 920-915-1367.

Mailing Address:

Simply Sharper LLC
1825 Smith St.
New London, WI 54961

Please contact us with any inquiries. We are always ready to help.

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